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If I had read this seven years ago, or, hell, five, it would probably be a five-star read. The characters are absolutely wonderful - I loved Lou and Max back then, and I adore them now -- and the plot is pretty fun, and the sexual tension/relationship between Max and Lou is what I enjoyed so much about reading this book. When I was a kid, I loved this shit. This series was the BOMB for me, because 1. VAMPIRES and 2. The characters and (most important) 3. The sex. When I was younger, like fucking ELEVEN, I just read read read all the smutty (cough Intrigue) books and loved the shit out of it because, I don't know, sex scenes and dynamics and that ~tension~ between two characters was my thing. I even wrote a bit like it, and...whatever. I've matured, changed, and a shit ton of smex doesn't do it for me anymore, doesn't make a good book automatically. BUT! Maggie is like, the fucking QUEEN of sexual tension and the sex scenes themselves, okay. And back then, Max and Lou were my favourite duo of the series and that has not changed. I still adore them. 

However, and I don't know if it's just this book or if it has always been like that, but the writing wasn't all that great. I mean, it had it's ~amazing~ moments (especially the sexy things, to be honest, but scenery and witty comebacks), but...How many times do the characters need to sigh? It must have always been like this for Maggie, because when I was younger, I, too, was a victim of sigh-syndrome. My characters were constantly sighing and shrugging. But, seriously, there was one page in this book that must have had "Max sighed" on it, like, five times. And I'm not even exaggerating

Anyway, it was nice to delve into this series again, a series I had enjoyed so much as a "kid". I will forever appreciate how all the characters' stories entwine so delicately, and also how you can tell a POV just by the way things change in the writing -- their personalities shine through. It's astounding, lovely. I have a deep appreciation for things like that. It's just -- the characters, man. Maggie does them well, makes them diverse, makes them real. Also, I feel I should mention that this was one of those "backburner" books for me. It's literally sitting behind my chair on a table, to reach for whenever I get desperate enough aka don't know what the hell to do with myself. And also it's one where I constantly skip forward (sighing terribly) and skim scenes and then go back to where I am then go back skipping forward, reading like five pages at a time, hundreds of pages ahead of where I actually am, so I knew how this book ended like....three months ago, and all the scenes in-between, but I hadn't actually read it (until 2am this morning), so I didn't want to mark it down as read.

In conclusion: Woulda been better if I had read it as a kid, but characterization is A+++ (minus all the sighing and shrugging).