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The rating of this book demands explanation. These two stars don't mean it was bad. In fact, I did enjoy this book. Kind of, anyway, but it just...doesn't deserve three stars, although three stars stand for "I liked it". It just doesn't.

I'm confused about how I feel. I'm not conflicted - I'm genuinelyconfused. When I began this book, I thought - yeah. Three stars - but then as time wore on it became four, and then...around 230? 240?...

something about the scene where Jonas kidnaps Cleo just didn't feel right to me, didn't feel true. There was something about the way Jonas acted that was very unlike him, and I though the author tried to hard to insert romance/understanding/malice into the equation. Romance with quotation marks, of course. Also she used the word lovely like six times in two pages, saying the same thing all six of those times. We get it. Jonas hates Cleo but she's lovely. Once is enough.

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  it became a two star read. It isn't a bad book. It deserves any love it gets. However, it didn't do it for me. I don't think it's the fact that I've read so many books (and watched a lot of movies/shows) like this, although perhaps I would've loved it more if I hadn't just read the AMAZING Throne of Glass one mere month ago. It's just that the beginning gave me such high hopes that this would be astounding and then it wasn't. I realized that within chapter one, too, as a matter of fact. 

You know in the market when Cleo thinks "some say that the grape seeds are infused with magic" and then literally one or two pages later she thinks the same damn thing again? Yeah.

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If there's one huge thing I hate in a book and just can't tolerate it's unnecessary, over-abundant, overwhelming redundancy and I strove forward, feeling my heart sink, hoping it was just a fluke...but it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, though. The repetition in this book is nothing compared to bunches of other books I've read.

As for the characters? I thought they were done rather well. Not exactly original backgrounds, of course, but still refreshing in their own right. I can't decide whether my favourite character is Magnus or Jonas, mostly because Jonas doesn't get enough page-time for me to have really made a decision. What I really want is for Magnus and Jonas to end up working together and for Lucia and Cleo to meet. The latter has to happen eventually, but the first would make me oh so happy. 

The world-building was done really well -- maybe not really well, but I could picture things, though not as clearly as I would have wished but that's not this book's fault. It's Throne of Glass's because all I could imagine while reading were the places in it instead of Mytica.

And the plot: I predicted many, if not all, of the things that happened, and all of the background and stuff, which may have been part of the problem? This book managed to fit a lot of cliches and tropes, maybe all of the kingdom-book ones (high fantasy? is that what this is? i've no clue) there are. Still, despite that, the stories and intricacies are nice. My favourite parts were the story of the goddesses the old woman tells, and the brief moments at the Sanctuary. The passage of time in this book is done so that POVs overlap, and I really enjoyed that. I loved knowing what was happening as everything else was happening -- having a clear timeline in my head.

I felt the relationship between Lucia and Magnus was done the best out of all of them. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was one of the book's main focuses because those two got the most POVs. As far as Theon/Cleo is concerned? I won't bother saying it was cliche and I knew he was going to die after telling her how he felt. But I felt it was kind of...stupid. Not rushed, exactly, since the time passes oddly in this book, and I understood their feelings, and also that first loves and loss and whatnot love to be done in books like these. But I feel it could've been drawn out and done better, but to be honest the entire book could have been. I wish we could've had more of Jonas/Brion because I'm fairly certain, as far as secondary characters are concerned, Brion was my favourite. Or would have been, given more time to know him. I also adored the relationship between Emilia (that's her name, right?) and Cleo. Actually, I loved the relationships between all the characters, and how much time was given to most of them, because character-driven books with sprinkles of action and magic and other stuff are my favourite types of books. They're the type of books I write, as a matter of fact.

Also, regarding Emilia -- 1. I knew she was going to leave the moment Cleo left but then 2. as soon as Cleo found the seeds I said aloud "gurl you gonna go back to that room and she gonna be dead" and ha ha ha I was right. Also knew her dad was going to die. I didn't expect her to get caught at the end, though, and it saddens me because I was looking forward to her being out and about in the world on her own, perhaps teaming up with Jonas (officially) and looking for the Kindreds. But I'm interested to see what's going to happen to her in the castle in book 2. 

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I think I've covered everything I wanted to.

TL;DR: Don't be fooled by my rating. It's not a bad book, just kind of mediocre and you might even love it. It just didn't do it for me, disappointed me a little, because I thought it was going to be better, but it is worth a read. So go for it, yo. (It's also a rather quick/easy read. Kinda perfect for NaNo-time, to be honest.)