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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

I love this series oh so much. It has all the things I love. I mean, it's full of tropes and not really stereotypes but -- things we see in writings often often often. Like lots of crying and being able to see pupils dilate. I've looked it up man -- they dilate so fucking minimally that's it impossible to see them do such, and especially from a great distance. But I mean...this series is just so wonderfully imaginative and the characters are ARRGHHH and the world-building is ARGGHHH and everything is so so good. The writing actually isn't...special, you know? It isn't "spectacular" or anything like that. It's normal writing, but it's...the way it's arranged -- it makes you feel what you're supposed to be feeling and...it's just fun, okay. I hate fragmented sentences, incomplete ones, and that's all this book is made up of, and yet it doesn't bother me. It's part of what makes the book itself, you know?

And I'm just freaking dying for the next one. 

(Also the dynamic between Wolf and Scarlet is one of my favourite trope-y dynamics. Same with Thorne and Cinder, oh my goodness.)