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Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Reading this book was like coming home. You know when you read something and it just...speaks to you, and feels so nice, and everything is beautifully done and perfect? This book was like that for me, and also so much more. I adored it, wholeheartedly, and reading it I could tell that it was well-loved by the author as well. Or at least it felt that way to me; maybe I'm ridiculous, I don't know. But the characters and the world building - everything was intricately done, and some things were beautifully subtle, and I love subtle things, things that make you understand plots and characters and this universe the author creates without having to be outlandishly told. Of course, I also enjoy having things screaming and yelling at me.

Chaol and Celaena's relationship was like that for me. As was Dorian and hers, for that matter. This was the most beautifully crafted, most well done love triangle I have ever read in my life and probably ever will read. It's very rare for a love triangle so be so wonderfully done, so...perfectly done. I understood all the feelings everywhere, and would have been happy with any ending. Well, that's notstrictly true; I shipped Chaol and Celaena strongly from the get-go 

anything less than their ending up together would have broken my heart, but the way it ended...Gosh, but it was perfect. 

(show spoiler)

I am so so so so sooooooo looking forward to reading more of their story and more from this author. It's amazing to me, the author's story and how it took so long for this book to be published, how she wrote it and posted it and then got encouragement to finally put it OUT THERE out there. It gives me hope that perhaps I can do the same.

Anyway, I missed reading books like this - books with kingdom and magic and love. And GAH the characters were so...themselves, you know? None was like the other; each was an individual. I admire people who can do this with such skill. And also Celaena! I adored her. She was so STRONG, and I love love love LOVE this book because it shows you that a woman can love dresses and court and being pampered and still be impossibly strong, impossibly deep. Ahhhh, Celaena has my heart. And Nehemia! The friendship between the two was gorgeous and real friendship and you hardly ever see that in books with teenagers anymore; everyone's always backstabbing one another and caring only about themselves and not their so-called "friends".

Everything about this book is flawless and perfect and absolutely....astounding. That being said, of course it had faults. For instance, I didn't quite understanding the way timed work; it always seemed like more timed passed than Celaena said, but also less time passed...? That's really just my own idiocy, honestly, but still. 

And the cover?? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's freaking pretty and it ...I don't know. It's different than most covers, you know? Makes Throne of Glass seem like an older book, a classical tale or something, and I love that about it. However, if that's supposed to be Celaena...it isn't really how I pictured her. I mean, a little bit, sure, but...I don't know. It has quite a bit of likeness. (And it looks an awful lot like the author, as well. Hell, it might even be her.)

REGARDLESS, it's pretty. And this book is pretty. Oh, and the map at the beginning is pretty as well.

Yeah, I adored this book, and I suggest every single flippin' one of you go read it.