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I really enjoyed this book. Not enough to give it four stars or fangirl crazily about but it...It was really enjoyable. It didn't make me ohmigerrd FALL IN LOVE, but it was good, you know what I mean? It was a nice read and kind of chaotic and lovely and light and fluffy (not fluffy in the lovey-dovey way, but like...nicely fluffed eggs or cake or something, with tinges of burntness and destruction) and I want to read more about these characters.


Mia could be a bit dense at times, but I think that runs in characters' blood nowadays, hmm? She was kind of badass, though, and the shit that went down was pretty great. As for Jeremy and Mia's relationship...I didn't really feel it? I mean, it was cute, don't get me wrong, and I understood WHY they liked each other and stuff, and Jeremy was a pretty sweet guy and they had their moments...but it doesn't PUNCH OUT AT YOU like most romances do in these YA/dystopian/apocalyptic/whatever novels. Which, I guess, is actually kind of a good thing and probably part of the reason why I enjoyed it.


All in all, it really isn't a memorable book, but it is a NICE book. Also I loved the quotes at the beginning of all the parts, especially the one for the segment prior to the epilogue; it's something I say quite often.


And the author is freaking Gorgeous.  G O R G E O U S. 


(for some reason I ship Parker/Quentin shhh SHHHHH)