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Ah, I forgot how nice it is to read books that are easy to read. I missed that.


The story itself seemed kind of unrealistic to me. Not because it doesn't happen in real life; it's just that I would never in a million years marry a dude that I barely knew. It was a painful story, though, a nice one. And I give props because the main character's name is Grace and it didn't make me think of Grace from the Mercy Falls trilogy once, so! Sometimes the way things were worded and the way they occurred didn't make any bloody sense to me whatsoever, and I had to read things several times to even semi-understand them. Also, I am a person who fully supports ambiguous endings -- except this one. The last sentence was not a good last sentence, not even remotely. It is a good story, though, I love the way it approaches things.


The entire time you read the book, though, you can tell Grace doesn't really love Michael. I can't believe she even said yes to him, though I understand the why of it. I mean, I understand your loved ones annoy you, but honestly she should've seen it sooner. The breakup seemed a little uncharacteristic, not that it happened but his reaction. I mean, he's been so mature (well....not really) through the entire thing, but throws his phone at her? I mean, really.


Whatever. It was a good book.