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I skimmed through this one because I wanted to know what the hell happened (because I love the characters, especially Dean, and though he wasn't quite enough to get me to READ read, I had to know 'cause I adore him absolutely to DEATH) and the ending was really fucking cute but with the last chapter ??? does this mean another book??? Because, yeah -- No. I mean, I'd look through it and see what happens because, as I mentioned, I love the characters and I'd like to kind of "dimly" experience it, but there's no way I'm gonna really read it. 


Even if the last chapter isn't a promise of another book, it's still a nice way to end it. God bless (semi-?)happy endings.


(Giving a half star more than Nightmare Garden because what I read, I enjoyed better than the 2nd book and it also appeared to be written a little better.)