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This is just another example of how my tastes have changed and of why I need a did not finish/gave up on shelf. Don't get me wrong, I love the characters and I guess I kinda love the plot? But I just couldn't get into this one. My tastes and etc have matured since reading Iron Thorn and I just....couldn't do it. I mean, I used to write like this author writes, which is to say that the author writes like a fifteen-year-old. Which, I mean, some 15 year olds can write fucking well, man. I was not one of them. The author tries too hard, I 'spose, which was my problem with Black City, except any hype this book gets is perhaps well-deserved, it just wasn't my thing anymore.


I skimmed like insane because I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to read it, and I wanted to enjoy it, but I was just so tired and exhausted and sick of it and they say not to waste your time reading shit you don't wanna read so I stopped. Plus I just couldn't fucking do it.


The constant repeating of information was endearing at first and then became unbearably annoying. I read about sixty pages and Aoife mentioned at least ten times how she needed to get her mother back and blah blah blah, and they had the same conversations multiple times, and this book probably coulda been squashed down to two hundred pages, no joke. Also she used the same similes over and over, sometimes within the same pages and several times within the same chapter, as when they were in Windhaven and the use of "as if Windhaven was plummeting". 


The journal entries added absolutely nothing to the story whatsoever.




So basically this is an amateurish book and I could see things that I liked and would have thoroughly enjoyed a couple years ago but they didn't do anything for me now and therefore I cannot rate this book high. I enjoyed it at a one-star level but considering I can see the good things about it and know I would've loved it before, I deemed it was two stars because, well, it is good, I guess. For other people, at least.


I'm sorry this is such a dumb review but I am tired as shit right now. I'd like to say one last thing: I adore the characters. They're all unique, and Dean is amazing and Cal is amazing and EVERYONE IS AMAZING I WISH I COULD'VE LOVED THIS THE WAY THE OLD ME WOULD HAVE.